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How To Pimp Your Tramp Stamp

The Tramp Stamp

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, or of what it is, well let me first enlighten you. The “tramp stamp” as it’s commonly known on the street, is a tattoo on the base of the back, or above the ass crack.
 Sometime in the 1990’s/2000’s, it became fashionable and popular. Whatever the reason, it became the tattoo location of choice for female candidates. Then some smart arse came up with a definition – The Tramp Stamp. It stuck. It was rebranded. The rest is history.

Perhaps a visual definition might be better? There we go!
Just for the record, that’s not me in the local chip shop! This is my tramp stamp (below). There’s a reason I put the first picture up. It makes mine look much better!
 My Tramp Stamp
I got mine done 13 years ago.  It was either this or my name in Chinese. There was no choice. So I went tribal. Little did I know that my virtuous dip into the world of tattooing would become tainted. I would become a tramp with a stamp.
Honestly, at first, I was a bit put out by the term. Fact is, once something is labeled by the general population, it’s virtually impossible to undo. It had been labeled. There was nothing I could do – I had a tramp stamp.
Or Was There?
For years, I looked at it, it’s image scarring my street cred. I couldn’t decide what to do. On the odd occasion that COPS wasn’t on CBS Reality, I caught a glimpse of the endless air time dedicated to tattooing. I know that television is fraudulent at the best of times and I’m aware of TV manipulation, but it did give me an idea?
Could I miraculously give my hideous tribal tattoo a new look, was it possible? Could I pimp my tramp stamp??
I was on a mission.
I tried to do some research. It was completely contradictory. I decided the best thing to do was to go and see a proper tattooist, someone experienced in the field, someone who knew what they were talking about. Someone who hopefully would not laugh at the mass produced tribal design engraved on the base of my back.
Terry from Electric Punch
I was highly recommended Terry from Electric Punch in Hoddesdon. So I went to see him, with my tramp stamp on my back and my head full of ideas. It went a little something like this….
The Truth about Cover Ups 
As we are all aware, the mass influx of reality TV claiming to fix your old wonky tattoos or cover your unwanted tattoos are all the place right now. Note: cover-ups are just not as simple as that. Reason: most tattoos were not meant to be covered up when initially done. A lot have dark ink which is not easily covered, for example, my tribal tramp stamp! Some tattoo artists will not do cover ups. Others prefer incorporating the old design into a new one. It’s important to choose a design which can absorb the old design without showing an obvious difference. Not all new designs are appropriate for incorporating and not all old tattoo’s are capable of absorbing the force of a new tattoo design.
 After discussing the above, Terry gave me the options:
  • Get it removed completely
  • Get it covered up – This was not advised as my tattoo is very dark ink
  • Incorporate it into a new design – check!


As I sat and pondered over my decision, I realised that I didn’t want to get rid of my tramp stamp, I mean, forever. It was part of me, albeit a shady part of me, it was still part of me. I couldn’t just rub it out after 13 years together. We had a past!

So I decided it was time to pimp it up, Terry style. As I’d been rather naive first time around as to what I could have, I decided to leave the design to Terry. After all, he was the tattooist.




So I went to see Terry again, this time with my stomach full of butterflies and some time on my watch.











So, after 2.5 hours of biting a pillow, (it wasn’t as bad as that, I just like biting pillows), I had my new addition. It was everything I wanted. You could still see the reminder of my past, but with a new pimped up look. I didn’t feel like a tramp with a stamp anymore. I would no longer feel the sting of embarrassment on the beach on my annual bikini unveiling. Next year on the beach, I would wear my new tattoo with pride.



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